Here’s what my clients say…

Karen has made me look at the way I parent completely differently now. She explains things in a way that is believable and easy to understand. I’ve changed the language I use, and I am far more in control than I used to be.

Tracy Atkinson


After talking with Karen, I feel like she’s taken my head off, given it a good shake, sorted it out and put it back on straight and things seems much clearer.

Thanks for all the support you have given me, and for challenging my negative language and behaviour around my girls, when times were tough. Being positive is the name of the game! Thanks for inspiring me to be a better parent with your wonderful magic.



As a Parenting Coach, I have only praise and admiration for Karen. Her knowledge of her subject is such that it gave me the confidence I was lacking when I needed it most.

Karen is so enthusiastic about what she does that one can’t help but be inspired listening to her.



We were both relieved that we had someone to talk too mainly and that we were given clear instructions on what to do at this point, small things that made massive changes. We thought we’d tried everything … we hadn’t!

Working with Karen has been so beneficial for all of us. When I look back to before we worked with Karen things couldn’t have been any worse for us as a family and now things are so different.

I feel that the sessions made me look at other aspects of our lives and how we could improve them as a family. It also identified areas in which I spent a lot of time stressing over unnecessarily. I felt very empowered after these sessions. This experience has helped us as a family and myself as an individual. Thank you Karen we will be always grateful.

Emma and Mal


I found myself in complete overwhelm and stuck when it came to issues around my teenage son. He recently tried to kill himself and has been fluctuating between aggressive behaviour and depression. He is diagnosed with IED and PTSD. As his loving mother I found myself treading on eggshells and allowing him to get away with violent behaviour because I was afraid of him severely self-harming if I insisted on him showing respect.

Karen and I spent several hours using EAM to clear whatever came up. I shifted feelings of blame and even negative energy from several generations back – it’s amazing what surfaces! Karen’s support in asking the right questions and prompting me was invaluable.

Listening to Karen’s advice, I was also empowered by aligning to statements that have been making a massive positive impact. Most influentially knowing that I am responsible for my own life choices, my son is responsible for HIS OWN life choices and that everything I do is for mine and his higher good. This energy has allowed me to stand in my power even in challenging circumstances, knowing I am doing the right thing to manifest positive change.

Here’s what staff from Fisherfields Nursery training sessions say…

The sessions have been fab…Karen had been fantastic at explaining how words work and how they affect everything we do…

All sessions have been very interesting and informative. How using different language is beneficial when talking to ASD children and how to help children understand better…

I have a better understanding or myself and how what I focus on matters and how I’m feeling affects others too and how choosing your words correctly gets better results…

Karen is an inspirational lady with great energy and has shown me how to be more positive, get more out of life and how much our unconscious mind drives us…

Here’s what the professionals say…

The knowledge, experience and brilliance Karen provides through her work is invaluable. She has a beautiful way of sharing her heartfelt passion for children in a way that inspires a new and comforting confidence for parents. Her work with EAM naturally enhances the magic she continuously shares.

Deborah McNelis, M.Ed

Founder of Brain Insights, LLC.

Karen is an inspirational speaker and presenter who brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her subject, which she conveys to her audience in an authentic and heartfelt way.

As a coach she has a wonderful ability to empathise with integrity, whilst always keeping her sessions fun and enjoyable. I recommend Karen to anyone who wants to make a breakthrough in their lives.

Mel Eves

Performance Coach / Health and Wellness Expert