Parenting Magic

Helping parents to connect and communicate with their child in a conscious and confident way for a happy family life.

Are you struggling with parenting?

♦ Do you feel like your kids don’t listen, won’t do as you ask

♦ Are at the end of your tether, tearing your hair out

♦ Don’t feel respected

♦ Aren’t enjoying parenting

♦ Feel disconnected from your children, teenagers or young adults

♦ Are having arguments and power struggles

♦ Know there has to be a better way …

There is a better way

♥  Let Parenting Magic offer you a new way of looking at things.

♥  A new way to ‘Be’, ‘Do’ and ‘Say’ things to get the results you want.

♥  Parenting Magic will introduce you to new ideas, concepts and philosophies and ways of looking at parenting in a whole new light, inviting you to explore the parenting journey from a new perspective.

Meet Karen Shaw

Hi, my name is Karen Shaw, creator of Parenting Magic and single mum to three wonderful boys (men actually!)

I am passionate about sharing ways to improve family relationships to help parents enjoy their parenting journey, their kids and have a happy family life.

I’m driven by a mission to see all children shine their unique brilliance in the world. 

Free 6 Steps to Successful Parenting

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a magic wand and be able to wave it and…

“Hey Presto” one offspring (or more!) changed for the better?

Well, OK I don’t have one, not one that does the trick instantly anyway.

What I do have are a set of techniques, tools, and strategies that, when applied, will achieve the results you want to see. So, let me ask you a few questions.

“Do you want to feel like you have control of your life again?”

“Do you want to be listened to and have your child, your teenager do as you ask?”

“Do you want to feel reconnected with them and communicate on a much better level?”

If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of those questions, then you’re in the right place at the right time! I will share with you tried and tested and proven techniques that will help you achieve all those things. For starters, why not download your free copy of my ‘Six Steps to Successful Parenting ‘.

Parenting Magic


Everything you need to know to go from stressed and surviving to

Parenting Magic

A new approach to behaviour & communication

Conscious Connection & Confident Parenting

Here’s what my clients say…

I now look at the way I parent completely differently and get different results. Tracy
Before I started this programme, I couldn’t believe that things would change this much for us and mostly for our son. Emma
This is so helpful, it has been great for my relationship with my son and also with working for ‘my’ children at work. Thank you Karen. Graeme Johnston
I can’t recommend this lovely lady enough. She is an amazing, inspiring lady, who really helped me when I was struggling. Amy Pierce
We met when Sofia, my daughter, was small and Karen really made me think differently. Her advice massively helps to take the anxiety out of parenthood. Laura Sousa
Never has such wisdom and great advice that Karen lovingly provides been needed by so many. Anne Marie Wilson

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