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Join me on a transformational 20 week programme to discover

“Nine Nurturing Ways to Parent”

 • 10 Weeks of Valuable Content

• 10 Weeks of Coaching and Support

• Two 1-1 Calls

What You’ll Learn:

• You’ll learn how to connect and communicate in a conscious and confident way.

• How to be the best you and the best parent.

• How to be calm, in control, aware and aligned.

• How to be a happy, grateful, gentle loving and patient parent.

• How to use positive effective language, avoid arguments and learn the magic of certain words and sentences.

• How to build their confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.

• How to loose criticism, blame and learn to celebrate with them.

• How to acknowledge, accept and appreciate them for who they really are, support them and allow them to be their own unique self.

I’m a parent with over thirty years of parenting experience, this along with elements from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) universal laws, scientific theory, energy therapies and spiritual philosophies and as one of only sixteen EAM (Energy Alignment Method) practitioners in the world, allows me to offer this unique programme that you won’t find anywhere else.

Learning the Parenting Magic Method will help you in every day situations… don’t take my word for it… here’s what my clients say…

Being a parent doesn’t come with a hand guide of easy fixes… and all kinds of life circumstances can influence your relationship with your child. If you are feeling frustrated and would love to improve your parent-child dynamics then please remember – you are not alone… I am here to help you and tell  you that you CAN have the relationship you want with your children, feeling like they hear you, respect you and appreciate you. Knowing that you are supporting, encouraging and showing them your love and care in the best way possible, creating a great environment for them to grow in.

Pay just £25 now to secure your place on the 20 week course starting in June 2017. The content will all be recorded so you can learn practical skills to help you make changes when it’s the right time for you. By securing your place now for just £25 you will be getting a massive SAVING on the full programme cost of £1,760 and gaining an OFFER PRICE of £450. You can choose to split the remaining payments by: 2 x £225, 4 x £115, 6 x £78 or 12 x £40.


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