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As a transformational life and parenting coach, I  help you to live your best life, be the best parent you can be and have a happy family life.

I use a combination of elements from NLP – Neuro Linguistic programming, Hypnotherapy and EAM™ – The Energy Alignment Method along with techniques from personal and spiritual development.

If you are not familiar with EAM™ here’s a video introducing you to it.

121 Coaching Sessions

Bespoke and created especially for you and your requirements.

1 to 1 Intensive session
Working on one major issue or challenge

Coaching and Mentoring 3 or 6 months

Your VIP Coaching helps you identify exactly where you are now and how you are feeling. What thoughts, beliefs and emotions are keeping you there and helps you identify what you do want, what end result and outcome you desire and gets you there.

You will gain clarity on

  What’s holding you back.
  Who and what you and your children really are
  The role of parent and child
  The importance of the Conscious and unconscious mind
Energetic communication and kinetic parenting
  Aspects of brain and child development
  Magic language

And have a better understanding of yourself and your child.

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Online 12 week group programme

Weekly Zoom calls where I will deliver content one week and then we will have Q&A calls the following week to discuss previous content covered, answer and questions and share our experiences and successes.

The beauty of working in a group is it gives you the opportunity to be supported by and support other likeminded parents. Hear other people’s experiences, get other perspectives and ideas and we learn from each other how to

Be the best you
Be an aligned, congruent, and confident parent
Create the reality you want
Understand energetic communication
Connect and communicate consciously
Avoid arguments and power struggles
Enjoy your children, parenting and have a happy and harmonious family life

Presentations and workshops

Bespoke half day and full day workshops for parenting groups, teachers, nursery staff, carers, foster and care agencies.

Speaking engagements

Karen shares her parenting story and journey, what she has learnt and put in place to have a wonderful relationship with her boys and empowers and inspires others to do the same.

Contact me for a clarity call

Here’s what my clients say…

I now look at the way I parent completely differently and get different results. Tracy
Before I started this programme, I couldn’t believe that things would change this much for us and mostly for our son. Emma
This is so helpful, it has been great for my relationship with my son and also with working for ‘my’ children at work. Thank you Karen. Graeme Johnston
I can’t recommend this lovely lady enough. She is an amazing, inspiring lady, who really helped me when I was struggling. Amy Pierce
We met when Sofia, my daughter, was small and Karen really made me think differently. Her advice massively helps to take the anxiety out of parenthood. Laura Sousa
Never has such wisdom and great advice that Karen lovingly provides been needed by so many. Anne Marie Wilson

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