I was thinking the other day, I hear a lot of people bemoan the behaviour of their teenagers and I have certainlly had many challenges with mine, what I realize is  it isn’t just the teenage years, it goes on beyond!

My twenty two year old is extrememely good at not learning his lessons and repeats a very similiar pattern of behaviour week after week! He vows, not to go out on a Friday night, Friday night comes round, his resolve weakens, he decides he will go out only for a couple (of drinks!) He says he will come home early, well at a decent time. Midnight and beyond arrives, no son home. I go to bed and hear him fall in in the early hours of the morning (if at all) When he is conscious the next day, he has a hangover, swears he won’t do it again, may have lost his money, wallet, bank card or phone and spent all he took out with him and more sometimes! (having made a further trip or two to the ATM!) I am waiting for the change in behaviour and I truly believe it will happen when he has a bigger reason to change, some real motivation.  He has no job, not in a relationship, no family of his own, like so many young men today I believe they are displaced. Life has changed dramatically over recent years, their role in society has changed. They are not getting the experience or ‘practice’ of being adult  and it’s practice that shapes the brain …… this article is fascinating and explains further

It talks about the emphasis we place on academic achievement to the exclusion of ‘life’ skills. I believe we do need to intigrate life skills into the curriculum, It’s vital to help produce well balanced individuals able to function and flourish in this rapidly changing society. A wonderful lady I know, Marlaine Cover has produced the Life Skills Report Card.   

It covers the vital areas our children need to be able to cope with and even excel in,  Personal care, Organizational Skills, Respect for self and others, Communication and Social skillls. Get these areas taught in schools, we’d find happier, well rounded students who’d become happier, well rounded adults :o)