Today, I returned home in the early hours of the morning, after a long and brilliant five day training course in London. My boys, eighteen and twenty one knew I was coming home today, I’d told them it would be some time in the morning or at least some point during the day Saturday. They’ve been here on their own, looking after themselves and I was looking forward to coming home and seeing them and also the state of the house!

I was impressed, especially with the kitchen. Tidy worktops, dishwasher stacked, no dirty pots on the side or stacked up in the sink. Kitchen floor, clean. Recycling bins had some stuff in, which was fine, definitely not five days worth, so had obviously been emptied.  I was grateful. It was around 2.00 a.m. and as my eldest had heard me arrive he came down to say “Hello”. He told me they weren’t expecting me till much later and they hadn’t cleaned up! I was confused. Apparently they intended to mop the floor, clean all the surfaces and put everything away before I returned and the way I found it was how they’d been keeping it! I was so grateful, my heart almost sang. How lovely to come home to that?

The reason I’m sharing this with you is because I created it. Yes me 🙂  and you can create things to be the way you want them to be too. This is what I had been focusing on would happen, this is the vision I’d created and spent time thinking about. I set the intention for the universe to start to begin to deliver this for me quite some time ago. Let me explain, we get what we focus on in life, whatever we spend our time thinking and talking about, complaining about and wishing wouldn’t happen …. we get! The unconscious mind can’t directly process a negative, so when we’re saying “I don’t want this” (whatever this is) the unconscious ignores the ‘don’t’ and hears “I want this …”

Before I understood this, I would spend my time thinking and saying “I don’t want to go home to dirty pots, an untidy house, boys arguing etc. etc. and when we delete that ‘don’t’ in there (which the unconscious mind does) I was actually thinking and saying “I want to go home to …..!”

I would also be thinking, I bet the boys will be arguing, not done their homework, imagining all the negative things. That’s where my focus was. Then I started to learn about the laws of the universe, first of all from The Secret (if you haven’t read the book or seen the DVD I recommend it, it’s a good start to understanding the law of attraction go to ) and then from Esther Hicks (see who taught me to ‘Segment intend’. This meant when I was entering a new ‘segment’ of my day, I’d put the intention out beforehand that it would be how I wanted it to be. So as I left work and was entering my going home and being at home segment of the day I was thinking about how I wanted it to be … “I’m going to have a peaceful, pleasant journey home and when I get there the boys will be happy to see me, in a good mood, have done their homework, be playing nicely, getting along ….” I visualised it too, with as much detail as I could, what might I hear, smell and how would I feel?  Now do you think it happened immediately? No, of course, not. It did happen though, over time. I still do it. I ‘segment intend’ my days and focus on what I want, not what I don’t!

Coming home this morning and finding what I’d actually thought about, imagined and focused on for some time now was no surprise to me really.  I am very grateful and appreciate it and I also know I played a part in creating it.   I’d been there in my imagination already. Einstein said “Your imagination is a  preview of life’s coming attractions” I’ve found that to be right, so aware of what you imagine 🙂