Had a day today dedicated to doing lots of things for my boys and had the thought that Parenting really was like having their own P.A (Personal Assistant!) I’m sure that’s what they think I am a lot of the time! Maybe that’s what Pa-renting really stands for 🙂

They ask me before they think of looking for things for themselves first. Questions often start with “Have you got …..” “Have you seen ….” or “Do you know where …” think it’s just laziness really and habit. Then, when item can’t be located the usual “You must have moved it” and most of the time I haven’t seen it never mind moved it!

We had lots of form filling, when a guiding hand was needed, also with covering letters for job applications. Rescheduling hospital appointments. I provided taxi service too on a couple of occasions! I’m certainly not moaning about this or complaining because I know I didn’t have to do any of it. I could quite easily have chosen not to. Doing it was my choice and I’m owning it. One reason I was happy to was that having spent last week away from them on a training course and they managed really well, I wanted to take this opportunity of being with them, helping and spending time with them. I often find on a car journey we get to have a conversation we wouldn’t have done if we’d been at home and getting on with our own thing separately, so take that opportunity to bond and it all helps have a better relationship.

I was reminded of the video Anita Renfroe, check it out, it’ll make you smile 🙂