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Do you feel overwhelmed, like you’ve lost control?

Sick of not being listened to and not having your child or teenager do as
you want?

Does it feel like a constant battle with your offspring, as though you’re living with some alien that you just can’t communicate with?

Tired of disrespectful behaviour? ………. Tired of it all?

You are not alone!!!!! It’s exactly how I felt only a few short years ago.

As a single mum with three sons I was struggling on every level until I discovered a new way of looking at life, at parenting and I learnt techniques, tools and strategies that changed my whole experience of parenting and now I am passionate about passing them on and sharing them with you. So sign up here to learn the tried and tested and proven techniques that will help you

  • Feel more in control
  • Feel listened to and have your child or your teenager do as you ask
  • Feel re-connected and able to communicate more successfully
  • Enjoy life, parenting and your relationships much more

As babies we shower love and affection on them, there’s a time they can do no wrong, everything they do is cute, adorable, makes us laugh, we give lots of hugs, kisses and cuddles and then it changes …….! I Not instantly, of course, it happens over a period of time….. What exactly happens? Is it their behaviour that changes? …… or ours? ………… Think about it, they carry on behaving as they have been doing and we respond differently without them understanding why? Our response to what they did that made us smile or was acceptable changes. We take on a different role, we have a different agenda, how confusing must that be to them?

We want them to learn right from wrong and a lot of what we teach them is to help keep them safe and know how to live in society and what’s
expected of them. We have their best interests at heart and want to raise, happy, healthy and well rounded children, we’re simply not taught how to do it in the most effective and beneficial way…..

In fact, some of the ways we try to do this have exactly the opposite effect !!!

……. Learn more about this in Six Steps to Successful Parenting

The relationship with my sons has turned round completely, from what felt like a battle ground to a happy, harmonious and respectful one. You can do the same, it has to start with you. …… “We must be the change we wish to see in the world” Gandhi

So if you want to change things get your Six Steps to Successful Parenting right here ……. Below …….

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