Back Pack Free Friday – a day where we can be aware of and do something about the burden our children are carrying, not only in the form of heavy pack backs that can cause health problems see article here.  Also bringing attention to the lack of appreciation for the foundational health of children and the burden this places on children and schools. The lack of sleep, water, nutrition and exercise is having a profound effect on our children.

Children carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. The importance of academic achievement in favour of personal achievement in Life Skills places great stress on them. They are also  affected by the social pressure from peers and society and whether we think it or not, they absorb what we emit, if they are constantly exposed to what the adults in their life are feeling, thinking and saying, they become affected by that also. They have the worry of what their parents or adults around them are worrying about, be that lack of money, jobs, how expensive everything is, how hard life is etc. Let’s give them their childhood back. A healthy and happy one 🙂