‘Adventures in Motherhood’, could as easily be ‘Adventures in outer space’,  it often feels like that!  Floating around in the unknown, not sure what to do, what to expect! Custodian of another person’s life that lands with no manual! Yikes.

My ‘Motherhood’ has most certainly been an adventure. Not one I expected, would have chosen or even hoped for. It has been an incredible journey and I am so grateful and blessed to have had it, It is an on going adventure, one that’s lasted thirty four years to date!

I have three sons, each unique with their own stories and my ‘mothering’ has been different in many aspects for each of them. I’ve had to address their particular ‘special needs’ and while two of mine have had the ‘Special Needs’ label attached, my other son, as all children, (everyone, actually, I believe!) has his own! Not least, suffering from ‘Middle Child Syndrome’ and whilst he may not consciously be aware of it, unconsciously he has some programming that causes him to have this ‘middle child between two with Special Needs complex’ … and can behave accordingly!

My adventures, have taken me down the road of illness, disability, health scares. Led me into education battles, fights for support and help. Had me, tearing my hair and crying my eyes out, becoming depressed, being elated, proud and grateful and rewarded me with a most amazing relationship with my wonderful sons. I am truly grateful and blessed and want to share what it was like for me as a single mum dealing with the challenges and what I found that helped. My desire is that it will help you too.