The recent interview Prince Harry and Meghan Markle gave with Oprah Winfrey has sparked a lot of controversy and many views and opinions. Many prominent names very ready and willing to voice their opinion, including Piers Morgan, who stormed off the set of Good Morning Britain, in response to a very calm and eloquent Alex Beresford, who was simply sharing how he saw the situation. Piers couldn’t contain himself and was incredibly triggered, outraged and infuriated and literally stormed off the set.

Why was he so triggered and upset, where else in his life is he not listened to, or agreed with? Is it in other relationships, as a child, or even past lives?! We all carry energy from lots of different times and places. This triggering often happens to us as parents and when it does it’s helpful to stop and ask the question why am I so angry, annoyed, frustrated? This investigation is what I love doing with parents and then releasing whatever that negative energy, incident is or was.

Back to the interview and what was said. It’s clear Harry and Meghan see it one way and the rest of the family see things another way. Huge difference of perspective. This happens in all families, in lots of relationships and these huge differences and chasms appear through lack of clear and honest communication and willingness to really consider and see things from a different perspective.  Unfortunately this family are in the eye of the world’s public. What might have helped is everyone putting themselves in the other’s shoes and really looking at it calmly and working until a solution that suited and served all was finally reached. Of course, I don’t know what really happened and went on and neither do the majority of people who are willing to give their opinion.

Whether a Royal family or not, all families are made up of people, human beings with needs and feelings, having their own, unique and very personal experience of life. We cannot see the world through their eyes, we do not have their unconscious programming that has led to their beliefs, thoughts and is responsible for their behaviour. Kindness, understanding and patience is so important in a family, including the extended family of the human race that we all belong to.  As parents it’s really important to remember this about our children, they do not behave the way they do for no good reason, no one does.