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A-Z of Parenting

Most of us are not prepared for Parenthood, there’s no real training or attention given to it before it happens and many of us struggle and feel out of our depth all too often. I know I did, All the things below have helped in be a better parent than I used to be … ask my boys!

A – Acceptance

B – Believe in them

C – Confidence

D – Dreams


A – Acceptance

Posted by on Feb 5th, 2013 in A-Z of Parenting | 0 comments

You have already ‘accepted’ them into your life, by having them. When you accepted that tiny bundle of joy into your life, you were also accepting all that he or she would bring with it, you just couldn’t know than what that would be! I don’t mean accept anything they do as alright, there has to be boundaries and consequences if they are broken. You can still accept them even when you do not accept their behaviour. It is really important to let them know that it is their behaviour that you do not like or approve of and not them, there...

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P.A. Renting

Posted by on Jan 24th, 2013 in A-Z of Parenting, Blog | 0 comments

Had a day today dedicated to doing lots of things for my boys and had the thought that Parenting really was like having their own P.A (Personal Assistant!) I’m sure that’s what they think I am a lot of the time! Maybe that’s what Pa-renting really stands for 🙂 They ask me before they think of looking for things for themselves first. Questions often start with “Have you got …..” “Have you seen ….” or “Do you know where …” think it’s just laziness really and habit....

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